The Adroit Journal (with audio recordings): "Offering, with Frost and Spoiled Fruit," "The Dead," "All month I dreamt of losing"

Beecher's (audio recording on Sunflower Reading Series): "Dear E. (My father still thinks)"

Boston Review Poet's Sampler, Intro by Peter Sacks: "Genius Loci, ""For Lorca, ""Lupercalia" (reprint from Lana Turner Journal," "Being Present"

Columbia: A Journal of Art and Literature: "Bouquets," "Benediction"

Conjunctions:60 In Absentia: "A Hawthorn, Rooted Close to Other Guests," "Being Present," "Chair," "Philomela," "Prayer at Eventide," "[An absence needs very few attendants]" 

Gulf Coast: “Man” (forthcoming)

The Harvard Advocate: "Locus"

Harvard Divinity Bulletin"Appalachian Sunday"

Kenyon Review (Poetics of Science Issue): "Vinculum," "Edge Habitat" (reprinted in Poetry Daily)

Kestrel: "The Soul Is Not an Apology," "Dream in Which Water Bares Red" (forthcoming)

Lana Turner Journal: "Deed," "Lupercalia"

The Manchester Review: "Face," "Be Quit of Being Seen," "Man in Hope"

Nat. Brut: "Dear E., (Three thin friends)," "Mannequin"

Off the Coast: "On Waking"

Poetry Daily: "Edge Habitat"

Souvenir"Dear E., (Much talk here lately)," "Spared"

THRUSH Poetry Journal: "Not What's Found but Where One Looks"

Web Conjunctions"Apocryphal Will," "Litany: Lord I strove but could not change"

West Branch: "Owl Pellet" (forthcoming)




The Rumpus: "Chewing Rocks: A Conversation with David Biespiel"

The Rumpus: "Moments Within Days Within Seasons: Talking with Alicia Mountain"





Kenyon Review Blog, Poetics of Science Contributor Conversation: "A Response to Jamie Zvirzden's 'Observations of a Science Editor'"